Do you have Yeti cups in stock?

Yes!!  I stock all sizes of Yeti cups. I also have all sizes of the new Yeti water bottles.  They are awesome!!!


Can you powder coat or sandblast a Yeti cup that I already own?

Yes!!  If you are not local, you can ship me the cup and I will complete your order and ship it back!  If you are local, you can drop it off at my home and I will complete your order.  Please email me to get my address.  kristin.kirch0513@gmail.com


How much is it for you to powder coat my Yeti? 

It is $45 for me to powder coat a Yeti cup that you own. Koozies and lowball Yeti cups are $35


Can you powder coat or sandblast other cups beside Yeti?  
Yes!!!  I have powder coated and sandblasted everything from RTIC to Starbucks cups.  


What colors can you powder coat a Yeti in? 

I have many different colors!  Red, shiny black, matte black, white, neon pink, lavender, yellow, texas orange, snowmobile purple, neon green, mint, Baylor green, glitter royal blue, royal blue, navy blue, maroon, shiny apple red, textured leather and many candy colors!



What is your turnaround time right now?  

Right now my turnaround time is 10-14 days.  I work every day to get as many cups done as possible!  


Can you sandblast a business logo on a Yeti cup?

Yes!!  I will need a good black and white jpeg image of your logo.  That is the best way for me to trace it in my program.  


What fonts choices do you have?

Here are the font choices: 

I want a monogram on my cup.  What kind of monograms do you offer? What are the choices for the vinyl decal? 

I have many monogram choices!  If you find something I haven't tried, message me and we can try it!!  I love new and creative ideas! 


Here are the color options for vinyl decals: